Company History of Kunststoff- und Farben-GmbH (KFG)

In 1973 the KFG was founded by Albert Geipert. In rented rooms in Biebesheim, the production of two-component acrylic adhesives was started.

In 1978 the company KFG erected a plant hall with office rooms within the industrial area of Biebesheim. Furthermore, they commenced with the production of full thermal insulation material systems, house paints and synthetic plasters.

As of 1980 the recycling of acrylic glass had been undertaken. Meanwhile more than 40 experienced employees guarantee an annual production up to 2000 tons of acrylic regrinds for depolymerization, 3000 tons of chemically defined pulverized acrylic glass for acrylic solid surfaces (kitchen sinks and worktops), for Bulk Molding Compounds, as pore former for grinding wheels and blast media. The products are exported worldwide.

Over the years, the neighbouring sites of „An der Flurscheide 7“ were acquired and further plant halls had been erected in nine construction phases. Meanwhile, there are more than a dozen of grinding mills and extruders for processing.

Moreover, the subterranean tank devices had been enlarged up to a storing capacity of 150 tons for the production of liquid acrylate reactive resins, such as laminating resins for orthopedic fiber reinforced parts, resins for adhesives, MMA-PU coatings for refrigerating chambers, joint fillers and membranes for highway bridges (patent application 10 2009 024 452 A1).

After the death of Albert Geipert in 2018, the KFG remained property of the family. His son, Heitho Geipert, is the principal share owner and is heading the company together with the new managing directors Helmut Kilp and Reiner Nittmann, both having been associated with KFG for many years.

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