In 1973 the company KFG was founded by Albert Geipert, who had studied at the chemotechnical university in Darmstadt and worked in the plastics processing industry for several years.

In 1965 at the Röhm GmbH, he developed acrylic glass reinforced by glass fibres which, under his leading, he had in Mexico produced according to a new procedure of polimerization and which had been used in all plants of the company VW in Puebla for rows of windows at the ceiling. For this purpose, the KFG had been delivering initiators of polimerization to Mexico for the past 40 years.

There upon Albert Geipert was occupied as the laboratory’s director firstly at the Krautol-Werke in Pfungstadt and then at the Resart-Ihm AG in Raunheim.

After the foundation of the company KFG, the production of two-components mixed adhesives purpose-made for acrylic glass was started in rent rooms in Biebesheim.

In 1978 the company KFG erected a plant hall with office rooms within the industrial area of Biebesheim. Furthermore, they commenced with the production of full thermal insulation material systems, house paints and synthetic plasters.

As of 1980 the recycling of acrylic glass had been undertaken. Meanwhile more than 30 experienced employees guarantee an annual production up to 2000 tons of acrylic dust for depolymerization, 3000 tons of chemically defined pulverized acrylic glass for acrylic solid surfaces (kitchen sinks and worktops), for bulk molding components (headlight casings), as a poreformer for grinding wheels and as an abrasive for the aviation industry; furthermore fine grains of PET (patent application DE 10 2011 053 543.8).

At KFG, there are more than a dozen of grinding mills and extruding devices for processing. Our products are mostly exported to China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Scotland.

Within the last 30 years, the neighbouring sites of „An der Flurscheide 7“ were acquired and further plant halls had been erected in nine construction phases. Moreover, the subterranean tank devices had been enlarged up to a storing capacity of 150 tons for the production of liquid products, such as laminating resins for orthopaedic parts reinforced by glass fibres, adhesives (patent application DE 10 2012 108 950.7) and MMA-PU coatings for refrigerating chambers, for joint fillers, and membranes for motorway bridges (patent application 10 2009 024 452 A1).

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