Company history of Kunststoff- und Farben-GmbH (KFG)

KFG was founded in 1973 by Albert Geipert. Production of special 2-component acrylic glass adhesives was first started in rented premises in Biebesheim.

In 1978 KFG built a production hall with an office in the Biebesheim industrial estate. In addition, full thermal insulation systems, facade paints and synthetic plasters were produced.

The recycling of acrylic glass was started in 1980. In the meantime, about 40 long-term employees produce regrinds for depolymerisation, chemically defined acrylic fines for acrylic solid surface (kitchen sinks and decorative panels), for BMC (car headlight housings), as a pore-forming agent for grinding wheels and as a blasting agent for the aircraft industry. The products are exported worldwide.

At Flurscheide 7, neighbouring land was acquired and over the years further production halls were built in nine construction phases. In the meantime, more than a dozen grinders and extruders are available for processing.

For the production of MMA based casting resins, such as laminating resins for carbon fibre reinforced orthopaedic parts, resins for adhesives, MMA-PU coating compounds for cold rooms, joint sealants, membranes for motorway bridges (patent application 10 2009 024 452 A1), the underground tank facilities were expanded to 150 tons.

After the death of Albert Geipert in 2018, KFG remained in family ownership. His son, Heitho Geipert, is the main shareholder and runs the company together with the new managing director Reiner Nittmann, who has been associated with the company for many years.

Heitho Geipert

Managing Director

Reiner Nittmann

Managing Director

Alfred Kittl

Production Manager

Günter Guba

Technical Director


Sixty percent of our production is exported.